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We are based in Golden, CO, but do not have a brick and mortar. 

You must reserve the "Ember Hairstream" and we will come to you. 

Hair and make-up trials are performed on

 Sunday's and Tuesday's at Union27 in Denver. 

We thrive to respond to email's right away. If we are working a wedding

 or special event, we will respond to you on Monday's or Wednesday's. 

Ember Hairstream

Golden, Colorado, United States

(303) 819-8321


Hours reflect response time to emails or availabilities for meetings. Pre-scheduled weddings can be on any day. 

Sunday: Trials or Weddings 

Monday: Office 5AM-7AM, 9AM-11AM

Tuesday: Trials 9AM-1130AM

Wednesday: Office 9AM-1PM

Thursday: Closed

Friday: Weddings

Saturday: Weddings