About Us

Ember Beauty Team


We are a fully functioning and operating salon with 2 salon chairs, a make-up station, barbering chair and shampoo area. 

Our team of beauty professionals are very experienced and passionate about weddings, hairstyling, make-up and barbering. When we are not working in the Airstream for weddings, you will find us at high-end salons in the Denver/Boulder Area. This is why we encourage you to reserve your date six to eight months in advanced. If we are not booked with weddings, we are fully booked in the salon. 

We take many classes in hairstyling and make-up artistry to ensure we are always offering new and exciting looks for your special day. We thrive on leadership courses and classes which keeps our team strong, loving and supportive of each other. 

We can provide hair washes from May-October (water is turned off in the colder months). We can still provide styling and hair cuts in the colder months, just no washes.

We will provide non-alcoholic drinks. You are welcome to bring wine, champagne or beer. We have a refrigerator and a restroom (again, no use of the restroom when water is turned off) and we can provide a small area to change clothes if need be. Please let us know so we can set that up ahead of time. 

We are licensed to operate anywhere in the state of Colorado, as long as we are invited! Please tell us the name and phone number of your wedding coordinator or venue and we will check if they will allow a 32' trailer on their property. We travel with 6000 watt generators. Some places have restrictions on generators, so please give us their contact information and we can check for you. 

You can also book the team with out the Airstream. We come to you, fully equipped, anywhere in Colorado.

Jamie Nelson-Owner


Top hair dresser at one of the best salons in Boulder CO. Jamie was driven through leadership and education to create her own brand and something unique within the salon and beauty community. 

"I’ve been styling hair since I was three. I went to beauty school when I was 16. I always knew hairdressing was the career for me. Throughout the years, I’ve always known one thing: One day I would own my own salon; a salon infused with my style of creativity and leadership.

Eight years ago, I joined with Twig Hair Salon in Boulder. Twig is everything I ever dreamed of creating. Working at Twig is pure bliss. I’m surrounded by wonderful women and mentors and amazing clients walking through the door every day. 

Women everywhere are still trying to figure out “how to have it all.” I’m no different. Here was my dilemma: How could I feed my desire to own my own business, maintain a work/life balance, be a present and available mother and wife and continue to work at the best salon I’ve ever worked at with the best clientele I could have ever imagined? 

Instead of an answer, I got a question: “What do I like best about hairdressing?”

The answer is: “The Clients”: The connection I feel with others. The power of touching their hair and becoming a part of each other’s lives. This led me to new questions.

How can I use my skills as a hairdresser to connect with my clients on a deeper level?

The biggest events of people’s lives, where whey are surrounded by the people they love. Weddings. Birthday parties. Special events for family and friends. 

And so, I created a mobile hair salon to bring my clients “beauty in motion." And that’s how my “third baby” was born.

Ember Hairstream is a renovated 1977 vintage Airstream. Large enough to accommodate 5 clients at a time, bringing all aspects of a complete salon experience direct to you. Whether it’s a haircut, shave, hair color, hair style, make up application, hair extensions or a luxurious hair wash...

I’m delighted to be able to offer these services, all while partnering with Twig Hair Salon – to continue to make your dreams come true." - Jamie Nelson 

The Renovation- 1977 Vintage Airstream


The Ember Hairstream, who we call "The Silver Beauty Queen", underwent a full renovation in May of 2016. If you are an Airstream lover or enjoy renovation stories or how-to's, this article is for you.

When you step into the Airstream, you've entered a unique world. The Airstream is large enough to accommodate 3 people getting services at once, a full wash station, a bathroom and a kitchen! Let me tell you a little big about how it all started.

With the help of my friends, my husband and my father, we made the "Silver Beauty Queen" come to life. I believe all things happen for a reason,  and that to achieve your dreams and your desires, you must listen to that little voice inside your head, telling you "go for it!" When I started to listen, my dream happened quickly! 
It all started as a small idea that I would dream about, literally dream about while sleeping. I started to journal when I woke up so I would remember my ideas. I took a few business classes and put together a business plan. One morning, something told me to look on Craigslist. I instantly found a 1977 32' Airstream in Casper, WY. For some reason, I didn't work that weekend and was able to take off right away to see the Airstream. The price was 1/2 of my budget and was already gutted! I couldn't believe it. I headed home (4 hour drive there, 4 hours home), took money out of savings and headed back the next day with my brother-in-law, who gave it a look over and drive it back with his truck. 
At this time, I knew nothing about Airstreams, trailers or trucks! I didn't even have a truck. All I had now was a dream and an empty Airstream. As the weeks went on, I started putting more pieces of the puzzle together. My friend's husband who lives in Oak Creek, CO oversaw the renovation. He knew a lot about building, mechanics and trailers. We went up on the weekends to help. This had two benefits; it saved us money and it allowed me to work hands on as well. 
One of the many perks about the salon industry, is all the people I meet! One of my dearest clients, who I have known since almost the start of my career, designed the inside of the Airstream and construction lay-out. She already knew me so well, knew my style, knew my budget and of course she really cherished my dream. Working with her built a lasting friendship! She is now one of the top designers in Colorado and I couldn't be more blessed to have her help my dream come true.

My father, who does amazing upholstery work in Denver Colorado, refinished all the walls, chairs and benches in the Airstream. We used over 50 yards of fabric and he put in hundreds of hours!! His work is truly a labor of LOVE. I am so lucky and he is beyond talented. The upholstery work gets so many compliments in the Airstream. 

One of the hardest things to work with on Airstreams are the inside end-caps. When I bought this Airstream, I didn't know that and I also didn't realize this Airstream was missing one side of all the end caps. Since the Airstream is vintage, there really isn't a way to replace these items. At this point in the project, we were completely stumped. We really didn't know how to fix that area. I woke up one morning with a friend's name heavy on my mind. Something told me to "call Tyler". And that I did! I had no idea if he even knew anything about Airstreams but I reached out to him. To my surprise, he was totally on board! Within days, he completed the research and was on his way over to create the most beautiful custom end-cap design above the barber chair.

In a matter of months, we learned how to renovate, hitch a trailer, drive a trailer, park a trailer, operate generators, clean water, dirty water, propane, etc. Did I mention we did all of this while I was pregnant? That sure sped up the time we had to complete the project.