Travel Fees With Airstream


  • The Airstream is included for free in the Denver/Boulder (and Lyons) with any $1650 minimum service. 
  • Beyond this area, the Airstream is $4 per mile
  • Mountain driving is an additional $225 (to ensure safety of our driver and equipment) 
  • Overnight fees are added if the distance we are traveling is more than 2 hours away (this ensures safe arrival of the Airstream). 

Travel Fee's for Beauty Team


  • No travel fees in the Denver/Boulder (and Lyons) area. 
  • For each 2 hours driven, artists fees are $125 per artist. 
  • If distance is more than 2 hours away, an overnight hotel is added and one meal 
  • Traveling outside of Colorado is welcomed, contact us to discus details. 



  • Hair and make-up trials are an additional $95 each
  • Trials need to be scheduled 6-8 weeks ahead of time
  • Trials are performed at Union27 in Denver or Ember Salon in Downtown Boulder.
  • Trials are recommend 4-6 weeks before your wedding 

Contract Details


  • What if I cancel? 
  • There is no fee for cancelation
  • We do keep your 50% non-refundable deposit. Once you save your date with us, we turn away your date to many inquiries.
  • What if it snows and I booked the "Airstream"? 
  • We know Colorado is VERY unpredictable! We will always do our best to get the Airstream to you. Maybe we will have to go up a few days early or stay a few days late due to weather. We will not drive on snow or ice (especially in the mountains), so if snow happens, we will still bring out team and get you ready in a hotel or the event space. 
  • What if I want to book more services than I requested? 
  • This happens all the time! And we always do our best to accommodate your bridal party. We know people change their mind last minute. We ask that you let us know as soon as possible of additional services. We might have to extend your getting ready time or add on additional artists. A fee or $125, or $250 might incur, depending on how close we are to your wedding date. 
  • What if I want to take away services after I already paid my deposit? 
  • Unfortunately, we can't take away services after we have set up your wedding team. Our artists are in high demand around the Denver/Boulder area and once they accept your wedding date, they are declining services at salons or other events. Once they are contract for your wedding, Ember Hairstream is liable of paying them for the services they are contracted for. 
  • Your Booking Coordinator will work with you to help you find other ways to fill the money you spent. Either adding product or upgrading other services. 



We have an 80 gallon tank of water under our Airstream that we fill up before we come. If you have a water hose hook-up outside of your building, we prefer to hook-up to you water (it is a little quieter for us inside the Airstream with your water hook-up). 



It's always appreciated if you have a 220 hook-up outside of your building. If you do not have one, or if our cord does not reach, we bring our quiet generators.